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I’ve a new piece up on The Smart at Drexel University.

The Smart Set From Drexel University

It is titled “In Defense of Stink”
The tag line/deck is “Is hippie hygiene a serious problem? Not if we can all embrace our natural odors…

I’ve wanted to write this piece for some time.  I find it unusual that our culture tends to not discuss body odor.

You may read it through this link.


On the perils of trying to be hip

I admit it. I’m 46 and still think of myself as “hip” still. For a middle age gal, I stride into class in my big black boots, my hair is unbrushed and slightly dready;  I am considering getting a David Foster Wallace line tattooed on my body; I read Pitchfork Magazine and I try to stay abreast of styles and pop culture. (Yet I just used the word “abreast”, so how hip can I be?)

So, when my college students house-sit I ask that they leave a new Pandora station on my radio. In the past, I’ve been introduced to Death Cab for Cutie and The Raconteurs and more recently The Unseen Guest,  Feist and J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science.

It makes me feel hip even if I do say “abreast.”

So, it should not have been a surprise when I returned from my latest trip to find three new stations.  The surprise was that one of them was name StarfuckerStarfucker is a Portland based electroncia band, and I really love them.

What I did not anticipate, or simply forgot about, is that our master living room tv is connected to a computer.  it is here that the family listens to Pandora, and here that my elementary aged children take great pleasure in “thumbs-upping” or “thumbs-downing” a selection.

So, as Starfucker splashed up on the screen while we were eating dinner it created a lively dinner conversation.

Yet another peril of being an adjunct professor?