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So You Want to Run a College Student Newspaper?

Part of my role on campus is to supervise our student newspaper/multimedia effort, The Echo.  I’ve usually a crew of a dozen students.  These are the writers, photographers, designers, web folks, that want to tell the story of their campus.  These are (hopefully!) the muckrakers, the diggers, the shit-stirrers, the investigators.  Some writers are excellent at reporting straight news, while some like to stir the pot.  We need both types.  Stories of a new building on campus should stand beside stories of more controversial nature. (Joe Biden’s lackluster visit to town, a controversy over the campus ballots, nudity on campus).  I admit a fondness for topics that raise eyebrows.  It is vital that a student newspaper inform and educate, but equally vital that we engage, that we do not shy from controversy but embrace it.  Embracing controversy means exploring both sides, and so I am excited to see what two of my talented writers create in our upcoming issues as they go belly-to-belly (and toe-to-toe and thigh-to-thigh…) exploring nudity on campus. Looking forward to seeing what they flesh out (pun intended). Watch this page for the final drafts.