Why we write (part three)…the student musings continue


When asked “why do you write” in my college media class, students have some thoughtful answers:

1.”I write to heal myself.”

2. I’m the daughter of a language teacher.  It is in my epigenetic scheme. I write on napkins and coffee cups.”

3. I like to explain things in detail.  A lot of time in academia, even thinking about writing helps you develop ideas.”

4. This next comment needs quite a preface. I assign an interview piece each term. Students share successes and struggles as they navigate the terrain of speaking with someone else, of recoding another person, of having that person back up their assertions or challenge their assertions.  Often, they seek out experts. One student wrote an article on green burials.  When I asked “why do you write”, she noted, “I’m looking for a way to spend more time talking to funeral directors.”


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