community bathroom moments

I found the below sign posted inside one of our campus bathrooms. I posted it on facebook and titled it “Funny campus bathroom moment. Why is the word “finished” in quotes?”

This sign falls in the proud tradition of signs posted in public places (bathrooms of bars are of particular note). There is even an excellent  website and magazine devoted to found notes.

But these campus signs often have appended notes to them.  Some view a sign as a conversation starter.

I have found that colleges have a natural tendency to produce such  colorful signs as the sign must serve a community, and a community is always having a conversation with itself.  A community is an evolving beast.
As to this particular sign, the quotes intrigued me.  Why is “finished” in quotes.

One facebook friend, on seeing my post, offered this explanation of the quoted word.

It’s a “euphemism”

Another colleague noted that our campus is full of little signs, with one word inexplicably in quotes. The following day I arrived to my 9:30 class and found a note scribbled on the whiteboard.  BE “KIND” it said.  Since
“KIND” was in quotes I thought…Be KIND of what?




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